Our confined space engineering teams undertake confined space inspection, survey and repair works in accordance with the HSE Confined Space Regulations 1997, Approved Code of Practice.  Our employees are highly skilled with long term experience in undertaking detailed principal, topographical and conditional examinations, within sometimes hazardous environments.  Our confined space personnel are fully trained in the safe undertaking of confined space entry and operation and we are able to offer a solution to complex confined space operation through a combination of diving and civils operations.  Our team is always available to offer advice on confined space operations and inspection requirements, so as to ensure that the client is completely satisfied with the service. 

Key aspects of operation include:

  • Installing & further working within limpet dams and habitats
  • Carrying out principal, topographical & conditional surveys of culverts, bridges and tunnels
  • Carrying out internal cleaning and repairs to lock gates and caissons
  • Carrying out structural repairs within confined spaces
  • De-silting and clearing of culverts, tunnels and outfalls


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