Diving Operations

Diving Operations

Our commercial diving and subsea diving operations allow a Kaymac trained commercial diver to gain access to inspect, survey, repair or complete an installation competently in a marine environment. 

Since Kaymac was founded, in 1976, it has always been our practice to directly employ an HSE qualified commercial diver.  It has also been our policy to ensure that a commercial diver at Kaymac possesses, as well as their diving qualifications, a complementary construction skill. Therefore, we have qualified mechanical engineers, stonemasons, shuttering carpenters, coded welders and other trades available at our disposal, enabling us able to offer a turnkey and diverse range of diving services to our clients.

Over the years, the teams have developed in terms of the experience of a variety of often challenging projects, augmented by on-going training which is provided by Kaymac. This means that we have accrued an excellent reputation among our clients for delivering diving and subsea services safely and competently, with each commercial diver being fully proficient in their job.

Each of our in-house commercial divers have the capabilities to:

  • Construction of formwork underwater for scour repairs and protection schemes
  • Place concrete underwater
  • Carry out underwater cutting burning and welding operations
  • Sling and safely move loads – above and below the waterline
  • Replace mechanical elements of lock gates such as rams and fixings
  • Core drill
  • Undertake accurate underwater inspection and surveys on masonry structures, and take Cygnus meter digital thickness readings
  • Ship hull surveys, clearing fouled propellors and general vessel surveys.

Kaymac’s diving operations include the following:

Cutting, welding and burning operations

Our commercial divers are competent in the use of underwater cutting, welding, and burning tools, and activities in poor visibility and fast-flowing currents. Over the years we have been involved in many large projects involving cutting/burning piles, welding and installing sacrificial anodes, and cutting structures underwater. We have specialist divers who are experts in underwater brocco, wet welding including underwater welding repairs, surface cutting and burning, and removal of concrete jackets.

Concrete and Grout Placement

We have extensive experience in placing concrete above and below the water line in the form of structural repairs and scour protection. A Kaymac commercial diver will carry out a detailed survey before proposing a solution to identified defects and then repair the structure, often in difficult access locations, before erecting formwork and placing the concrete underwater to ensure a robust concrete repair.

Structural and Conditional Inspection Services

A trained Kaymac commercial diver and their dive team are able to carry out accurate underwater inspection and surveys on masonry structures as well as take Cygnus meter digital thickness readings on structures such as lock gates, harbour walls, bridges, culverts and ship hulls.

Lifting Operations

All lifts are planned and carried out in accordance with LOLER ’98, utilising Kaymac’s own in-house lift team which consists of a fully certified commercial diver, lift supervisors and slingers.

Dredging Operations

Underwater projects are often faced with a build-up of silt or debris around the area in need of inspection or repairs, if this is the case we would call upon a commercial diver, our commercial dive team will aid in localised dredging to remove silt away from the working area. We have performed this on various projects across the UK.

Scour Protection Installation

Our scour protection solutions have historically been to bridge structures, particularly pier and abutments, as well as river embankments and tidal estuaries. We can protect against the aggressive movement of inland waterways, tidal waters and propeller wash.