Rail Engineering

Rail Engineering

At Kaymac, we are experts in delivering challenging marine infrastructure solutions in ways which minimise disruption to rail services.

From humble beginnings in 1989 working for what was then British Rail, Kaymac undertook structural diving examinations above and below the waterline in tidal estuaries and rivers. Today, we’re proud to still work in railway engineering marine environments with long-term clients who trust us to successfully deliver their marine infrastructure projects. The railway engineering sector is characterised by the longevity and complexity of assets found in few other industries. For all stakeholders, it is vital that these assets are managed effectively to ensure the rail systems remain safe and reliable.

Our talented in-house railway engineering division form a team with extensive knowledge and experience that deliver a safe, timely and professional service whilst adding value to the customers’ assets. When a rail track runs over a culvert, river or watercourse, Kaymac is the expert called to do an inspection survey, repair and protection of structures in a watercourse.

Our PTS (Personal Track Safety) trained Railway Engineering Division operations include:

Scour Protection

Kaymac offer many years of experience in delivering many different scour protection solutions for a variety of structures and range of clients. Many of our scour protection solutions have historically been to bridge structures, their piers and abutments, also river embankments and tidal estuaries, protecting against the aggressive movement of inland waterways and tidal waters.

Masonry and Timber Bridge Structure Repair

We deliver water infrastructure solutions in ways which minimise disruption to rail services. We continually source and trial innovative methods to ensure that we have the most productive and effective ways of managing transport projects safely, as well as sticking to regular practices such as structure surveys and construction protection.

Culvert Survey, Repairs and Relining

Kaymac’s railway engineering specialists provide inspections, detailed engineers’ reports and repairs to culverts within the rail network. Our specific culvert repair solution is to re-line the culvert in order to reinstate it and increase its asset lifespan, removing speed restrictions and reducing temporary line closures. This hugely successful method of repair has become known as a ‘Kaymac Repair’ and has been used widely at a number of locations throughout England and Wales.

Innovative Solutions for Working on Water

We are specialists in providing ancillary pontoon working platforms and safe access over water. Kaymac has an outstanding track record of excellence, innovation and safety as a sub-contractor to some of the UK’s leading construction and civil engineering companies. Modular pontoons are extremely versatile tools to solve any number of problems associated with working on or around water, especially useful when dealing with railway engineering. We have evolved our offering over the last 40 years and are confident that we provide the most professional and comprehensive service in the UK today.

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