Rail Engineering

Rail Engineering

Working in the rail sector means minimising disruptions and prioritising safety.  When the track runs across a river or watercourse, Kaymac is the partner called in to survey, repair, and maintain.


In 1989, British rail commissioned Kaymac to conduct diving inspections and assess structures above and below the water in tidal estuaries and rivers. Ever since, we have worked with long-term rail clients who trust us to deliver rail engineering projects reliably, safely, and on time.


To serve this important sector, we have a specialist railway engineering division at Kaymac. We offer services ranging from culvert surveys to scour protection, structural repairs, and temporary works for safe access.


Our railway engineers are certified under the Personal Track Safety scheme (to work on or near railway lines).


Scour Protection

Our regional railways are diverse and characterful, running across rivers and cutting through cliffs. Their associated structures are built for longevity – but safety is an ongoing concern.

Where tracks run over bridges or close to the coast, Kaymac’s marine engineering team can monitor their condition and recommend the right maintenance. We have years of experience in delivering scour protection solutions, so we know what works.

Scour protection is suitable for extending the life of bridges, piers and abutments, as well as river embankments and tidal estuaries, where erosion can be aggressive.

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Bridge repair

Repairing masonry or timber bridges requires meticulous planning to minimise disruption and risk.

Our engineers are experienced in planning and delivering this type of project with ultra efficiency. We’ve been known to double our teams and work in 12-hour shifts, 24 hours a day, to meet our deadline.  

Bridge repairs might include scour protection, concrete repairs, reinforcements and water control solutions. They’re complex projects which can be handled from start to finish by our in-house delivery team.

Read about our work on the Llanbrynmair Bridge, which included installing a migratory fish pass.

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Culvert survey and repairs

In the last 30 years, culverts all over England and Wales have been renovated using the ‘Kaymac Repair’.

It’s a solution which was developed by our specialist rail engineers to preserve culverts and make them last for longer, reducing temporary line closures and increasing railway efficiency. Re-lining the culverts was an innovative solution which saved time and money for our rail clients.

Today, Kaymac’s railway engineering specialists provide inspections, detailed reports and repairs.

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Innovative solutions for safe access over water

Where access seems impossible, give us a try! The Kaymac team has built some surprising solutions to provide safe working access over the water.  

With a track record of innovation and efficiency, our sensible team specialises in ancillary pontoon working platforms and other temporary works solutions.

Modular pontoons are versatile systems which are especially useful in railway engineering and can be built to your measurements. If they’re not suitable, our engineers will recommend another solution to suit your site – bring us a challenge.

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