Trading as specialists in the rail industry since 1989, Kaymac Marine and Civil Engineering are experts in delivering challenging marine infrastructure solutions in ways which minimise disruption to rail services.

Kaymac thrive on the challenges they face by difficult jobs in or around the water, the problems often start from the ‘get go’ with difficult access and, as always, the question... “What lies beneath?”

From humble beginnings in 1989 working for what was then, British Rail, undertaking structural diving examinations above and below the waterline in tidal estuaries and rivers. To today, still working in marine environments clients trust us to successfully deliver their marine infrastructure projects, ensuring deadlines are met and costs are controlled. The rail sector is characterised by a range, longevity and complexity of assets found in few other industries. For all stakeholders, it is vital that these assets are managed effectively to ensure the rail systems remain safe and reliable.

The rail sector team within Kaymac specialises in technical delivery, innovative expertise and sustainable solutions. The team provide whole-life benefit to infrastructure through innovative services that enhance the quality of project delivery, and provide cost-effective solutions. Our talented in-house engineers and operatives form a team with extensive knowledge and experience that deliver a safe, timely and professional service whilst adding value to the customers’ assets. When a rail track runs over a culvert, river or watercourse Kaymac are experts in inspection survey, repair and protection of structures in a water course. Kaymac are RISQS audited and verified and work to current legislation as specialist sub-contractors. The team are fully qualified multi-skilled team including stonemasons, welders, carpenters and commercial divers carry out operations such as;

  • Sour protection
  • Culvert repairs and re-lining
  • Confined space entry 
  • Installation of grills, cofferdams and piles
  • Repair of timber structures
  • Concrete repairs and bridge strengthening
  • Grout/concrete repairs/replacements
  • Design and installation of floating temporary access systems
  • Design and installation of temporary works within watercourses
  • Flood alleviation
  • Inspections and surveys   

Since the beginning Kaymac have sourced and trialled new technologies and innovative methods to ensure that they have the safest, most productive and cost effective ways of managing transport projects, even highly regulated and time-sensitive ones. Having proven success and demonstrated continuous commitment to being at the forefront of developments in this discipline.  Kaymac can guarantee the best results for clients whilst reducing downtime for users.

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Featured Project
Cobb Valley Culvert- Water flow control

Cobb Valley Culvert- Water flow control

Requirement: To control the 4m/s fast flow of water through the culvert structure below the railway line and highway, so that a structural survey and any remedial works could be carried out safely.Cobb Valley, North Wales.

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