Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

As specialists in our field, Kaymac undertake all aspects of civil engineering in marine environments. We tackle coastal erosion, flooding and sea level rise, as well as infrastructure such as ports and harbours requiring skilled civil engineering input. 

Our in-depth technical knowledge and practical construction skills are further enhanced by our flexibility; seamlessly working with clients to achieve project implementation of the highest standards. We have been a specialist civil engineering contractor since 1994.  Our in-house chartered civil engineers and project delivery team provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to government agencies, regional and local authorities, railway infrastructure, marine port and harbour authority operators and water and utility companies.

Some of the civil engineering services we provide are as follows:

Masonry and Timber Bridge Repairs and Strengthening

From crack stitching and underpinning to repairs and rehabilitation to timber structures in tidal environments, Kaymac’s talented engineers are experts delivering innovative and sustainable solutions. The Capital projects we have previously completed of this nature have required weeks of meticulous planning before starting the work on site and completed within a timescale window to minimise disruption to users. On many occasions the operations are carried out from floating plant on platforms such as barges and modular pontoon systems.

Temporary works and access systems

Temporary works are fundamental in achieving the end goal for any construction project, which is why at Kaymac, we strive to continually demonstrate best practice in temporary works. Our CITB qualified in-house temporary works co-ordinators ensure that a suitable temporary works design is prepared, checked and implemented on site in accordance with the relevant drawings and specification. Below is a link to a video of us constructing a temporary cofferdam system with 1T dumpy bags at Prioress Mill Pumping Station.

Embankment and Revetment Stabilisation and repairs

Using civil engineering techniques to reinforce foundations, install geotextile systems, soil nails to secure embankments, and placement of rock armour, the team at Kaymac can stabilise embankments damaged by landslips, wall collapses, fluvial erosion or other attrition.

Topographic Surveys

Kaymac’s civil engineering personnel undertake topographic surveys to identify the shape, configuration, relief, roughness, and three-dimensional characteristics of any type of site. Topographic maps also show natural and artificial features such as streams, lakes and highways. We utilises the latest GPS technology plus reflectorless and robotic total stations alongside specialist data processing software.

Structural inspection, maintenance and repairs

Our civil engineering team carry out in-depth structural surveys on bridges, aqueducts and other marine structures and based on the findings, conduct the relevant maintenance and repairs for all types of industries. In some cases, enabling work will need to be done beforehand in order to conduct the works effectively.

Spray concreting

Kaymac is pleased to now offer a sprayed concrete process which is ideally suited to marine construction civil engineering and refurbishment. The fast set times allow the application of sprayed concrete between tides. The sprayed concrete material, with its high cement content, also provides excellent chloride protection and very high bond strengths. This concrete application process can be used on many refurbishment projects to marine structures including groynes, sea walls, jetties and piers.

Confined Space Operations

Our civil engineering team conduct thorough confined space inspections, surveys and repair work in accordance with the HSE Confined Space Regulations 1997, Approved Code of Practice. Our confined space personnel are fully trained in the safe undertaking of confined space entry and operation and we are able to offer a solution to complex confined space operation through a combination of diving and civils operations.

Key aspects of the civil engineering operation for confined spaces include:

  • Installing & further working within limpet dams and habitats
  • Carrying out principal, topographical & conditional surveys of culverts, bridges and tunnels
  • Carrying out internal cleaning and repairs to lock gates and caissons
  • Carrying out structural repairs within confined spaces
  • De-silting and clearing of culverts, tunnels and outfalls