Coastal and Inland Waterway Engineering

Coastal and Inland Waterway Engineering

Climate change, frequent flooding, rising sea levels and erosion are increasing pressure on maritime, coastal and waterway infrastructure and assets. This means that our clients need an inland waterway and coastal engineering partner whose approach focuses on repairing and minimising current and evolving environmental risks.

Kaymac’s coastal engineering team has a wealth of experience in working around tidal change. We are experts in working in this ever-changing environment and offer a turnkey solution and support through each step of the project. From initial survey and inspections, planning approvals and permissions to detailed design ideas, project delivery and aftercare. We use the latest innovative methods to help understand fluvial and coastal engineering processes before developing solutions that resolve project-specific and catchment-wide issues.

Kaymac deliver a range of projects, from small canal inspections up to large capital projects that involve multi-disciplinary engineering delivery across coasts, rivers and estuaries. Other services offered within the coastal engineering sector are:

Demolition of Existing Structures and New Marine Installations

As well as safely demolishing unsafe existing structures such as old and unused pontoons and piers, Kaymac’s coastal engineering solutions include the expert installation of new marine structures such as jetties, penstocks, stop logs, weirs, fish passes, eel passes and associated kit. Kaymac has a wealth of experience in fitting these types of mechanical items in a wet environment. Also, proprietary involvement includes: preparing channels, underwater concreting, assisting with fitting and clearance of any debris.

Lock Gate Inspection, Refurbishment and Maintenance

As coastal engineering specialists, Kaymac is experienced in the inspection, repair, conditional reporting, installation and removal of lock gates and have carried out numerous projects ranging from locations in inland waterways to large container terminals.

For over 25 years, Kaymac has been retained by the Bristol Port Company, providing lock gate services in Avonmouth and the Royal Portbury Dock. Regularly providing underwater lock gate inspections including condition reports for cills, cill rubbers, quoins, mitres, pintles, bolts, masonry and all subsea components both visually where possible or by touch to test for integrity, strength and fouling.

Click on the video below to see the Radial lock gate repair and maintenance project we recently completed at Hull Marina.


Kaymac can design and install a diverse range of innovative temporary dam systems depending on the access and location of the site. Our cofferdam systems provide a safe, environmentally friendly water control and diversion systems in order to create a dry working area. The dam system is chosen depending on access and location of the works. For instance, we have used traditional steel cofferdam systems to seal the cooling water intakes to the former Pembroke Power Station and also 1T dumpy sandbags in a formation as a cofferdam system.  This is a simple idea, but has proved to be an effective system which we have used on various projects including a recent project at Prioress Mill Pumping Station. See Installation Video

Pile Protection Systems

One of Kaymac’s marine engineering services is the surveying, maintenance and repair of marine piles. Once affected piles are identified, we then measure their circumferences, later, the affected area is cleared of encrustation and the surfaces are cleaned and prepared before applying Seashield 500 system which protects and prolongs the lifespan of jetties and marine structures.  We are approved trained installers of the DENSO Seashield system and have experience in working with the tides pile wrapping and installing jackets.

Outfall Pipeline Inspection, Repair and Installation

Part of Kaymac’s comprehensive outfall pipeline services includes thorough diving inspections and detailed reporting of the condition of a structure and a full range of coastal engineering solutions for each individual circumstance. These include unblocking of outfalls, repairs to existing outfalls, the extension of existing outfalls and installation of new outfalls in a range of construction materials from HPDE, concrete, cast iron and ductile iron, among others.

Llangranog Outfall Pipe Repair

Other services offered are embankment stabilisation, lifting operations, spray concreting and Scour Protection works.