Coastal and Inland Waterway Engineering

Coastal and Inland Waterway Engineering

Climate change, floods, rising sea levels and erosion cause damage to coastal, river and estuary structures. For innovative, well-planned repairs, choose Kaymac – your knowledgeable and reliable engineering partner.

Working in harmony with the environment, we provide a complete planning and installation service for all inland waterway and coastal engineering works.


You may need a one-day survey of a stretch of canal, or you may need a large, multi-disciplinary team to renovate a historic bridge. With 60 full-time operatives, Kaymac provides divers, engineers, and other specialists to get your project done with accuracy and efficiency.


Our engineers are problem-solving thinkers. They keep up with the latest techniques and environmental changes so that they can analyse your site requirements and propose the best possible solution.


Kaymac’s coastal engineering team makes your project run more smoothly. With our own in-house project managers, we’ll manage everything – from the underwater structural inspection to planning, delivery and aftercare.


Demolition and Installations

Our coastline is dotted with unused pontoons, piers, jetties and other coastal structures. When they’re impossible to repair, demolition is required. But that’s no easy feat given the risks to the local environment, users, and wildlife.

You can trust our coastal engineering team to safely demolish – and replace – structures like jetties, penstocks, weirs, and fish passes. We’ll begin with an underwater inspection to see whether the structure can be repaired. If demolition is needed, our engineers will design a solution using the latest techniques and materials.

Our commercial divers are skilled in a wide range of operations, from underwater structural inspection to demolition, removal, and new installations. We’re experts in working underwater, and our in-house delivery team will plan and manage your project from preparation to clear-up.

Get in touch to discuss your demolition project.


A temporary dam, or cofferdam, is ideal for dewatering your working area. We’re accustomed to building them in difficult locations or confined sites, so bring us a challenge…

We’re proud of the innovative temporary dam systems that we’ve built for clients around the UK. Engineered to control water without detriment to the environment, they’re different for every site.  

Sometimes we build traditional steel cofferdam systems, but we’ve also developed our ‘KayDam’ portable dam system that allows our operatives to work in a wet environment within a containment bund, safely. Depending on the bed material and ground stability, we would also use the flexible dumpy sandbag cofferdam.  We used this with great success in our temporary dam project at Prioress Mill Pumping Station.

Contact us to discuss your damming needs.

Pile Protection

Our engineers apply the latest techniques to provide exceptional services in pile protection.

Our team can handle these complex projects from start to finish. We’ll start with an inspection to obtain key measurements and see what clearing will be needed.

We are approved installers of Denso’s Seashield 500 system, which is suitable for timber, steel and concrete piles and other marine structures. It’s essentially a reinforced ‘jacket’ which is filled with cement to provide extremely effective, long-lasting protection against erosion. 

Throughout our pile protection projects, we work with and around the environmental and tidal conditions, drawing on our experience to predict and mitigate risks.

Outfall pipeline inspection, repair and installation

Pipe surveys and repairs require the service of an expert. Ar Kaymac, we’ve worked with outfall pipelines for more than 40 years.

Today, our outfall pipeline services are comprehensive, with many clients commissioning us for a range of different tasks.

Our commercial divers are always on hand to perform underwater pipe inspections, providing detailed surveys and reports on structural conditions. On dry land, our engineers will draw up plans to repair or replace pipelines with minimal disruption to your work or surroundings.

We can carry out the project to completion, whether you require unblocking of outfalls, repairs to existing outfalls, the extension of existing outfalls, or the installation of new outfall pipelines.

Start with an underwater pipe inspection – enquire now.

Lock gate maintenance

Our specialist team has inspected, repaired, and replaced lock gates all over the UK. Whether we’re just checking one or a dozen, we’ll apply the same attention to detail and draw on our experience to recommend the best solution.

First, our expert divers will assess the condition of each lock gate, checking the cills, cill rubbers, quoins, mitres, pintles, bolts, and masonry. We use ultrasonic gauges as well as physical tests to check the strength and integrity of crucial components.

After compiling a report, our team will recommend the appropriate lock gate maintenance or solution. Our commercial divers – all trained in different trades – can then work on your repairs, installation or removal.

Lock gate maintenance is a core part of our contract with the Bristol Port Company, which retains Kaymac to service lock gates in Avonmouth and Royal Portbury Dock.

Other services offered are embankment stabilisation, lifting operations, spray concreting and Scour Protection works.