Introducing our Summer Interns

Introducing our Summer Interns

We are proud to welcome two new summer interns to the team this year. These two young bright individuals will bring fresh, new ideas to the table, and in return, we aim to build their confidence, give them experience working with a passionate, agile, and dynamic team, and open the door to long-term employment opportunities.

Firstly introducing Craig Perriam, our Civil Engineering Summer intern. Craig is currently studying BEng (Hons) degree in Civil and Coastal Engineering at Plymouth University, after his three-month summer placement at Kaymac, he will be entering his fourth and final year of studies.  

Craig Perriam, Civil Engineering Summer intern

During Craig’s time at university, he has studied modules such as engineering design, Civil engineering practice, engineering analysis and materials. He has also completed one year in industry at Jacobs Consulting, where his office-based placement saw him undertake detailed reports and analyses.

While being with Kaymac he has been involved in two projects so far; the first project involvement was the Caldew Viaduct Scour protection scheme. The scheme is still in the planning stages, and Craig has been involved in producing CAD drawings and designs for the project to date. The larger project is at Tilbury dock, a £34m Flood Protection Scheme with the Environment Agency and the Port of Tilbury. After completing his confined space training course, he gained first-hand on-site experience for the first time in his career. The Tilbury Docks development will better protect thousands of homes and businesses in the local area from flooding; Kaymac’s Involvement in the scheme consisted of diving operations, designing and fabricating two new Limpet Dams, and removal of old Pintles and installation of new ones in three locations. On-site, Craig was involved in the vital admin that included timesheets, shift patterns and the creation of CAD drawings. He had the opportunity to go into the confined space of the Limpet Dam to do plum bob levelling to ensure the Dam was in the right position Dam. Craig said ‘he enjoyed getting his wellies dirty’.

When Craig returns to University in September, he plans to complete a dissertation on the subject ‘Wave Loads’, which is a hot topic in the current global climate crisis. After completing his degree, Craig is hoping to return to Kaymac and study for a master’s qualification with the ambition to become chartered.  Before working at Kaymac, Craig did not believe it was necessary to undertake his master’s qualification, but after talking with colleagues at the company, he now wishes to move forward and undertake the course part-time while working, which he hopes will be at Kaymac.

Craig enjoys working at Kaymac by saying he has

‘I have gained so much experience in the short time I have been with Kaymac. It’s great to work in an innovative, agile working environment with experienced and knowledgeable people. I have enjoyed my time ’

Craig Perriam, Civil Engineeering Summer Intern

Secondly, Introducing Georgia Fuge, our Marketing Graduate Intern. Georgia recently completed a Fashion Marketing Management degree and graduated with an upper, second class Batchelor of Arts Honours degree at Cardiff Metropolitan University.  While studying, she met learning modules that included social media, digital marketing, and PR.

Georgia Fuge, Marketing Graduate Intern

While at Kaymac, Georgia will practice her theory and learn to navigate different marketing techniques. In the coming months, Georgia will assist the Marketing Director in delivering the digital marketing strategy and liaise with staff, photographers, and designers to create engaging content for several marketing channels, including social media, solus emails, industry publications and the company website. Georgia has a keen interest in digital marketing and communications and is looking forward to creating dazzling content and driving brand awareness.

Georgia has recently created a video for the project at Tilbury Docks; she enjoyed looking into the company and seeing the different aspects of the business and how they work. She is enjoying learning about the construction industry, which she has not worked in or known about before, and finding the speciality of construction within a marine environment exciting, mainly how projects like Tilbury Docks Flood Protection Projects come together. Georgia is looking forward to her time at Kaymac and learning new skills and how to apply them in the Civil Engineering industry.

I look forward to creating brilliant content and generating engagement digitally

Georgia, Marketing Graduate Intern.