A day in the life of an Engineer

A day in the life of an Engineer

We interviewed Charley Hawkins, an Engineer here at Kaymac. Charley joined the team full-time in 2020 at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, after working at Kaymac part-time while completing his MEng (Hons) Civil Engineering degree at Plymouth University. Charley graduated with a first-class honours degree; he has said:

Working alongside an incredibly motivated team makes work life enjoyable, along with being able to be involved in all aspects of a project and seeing the end result.

Charley Hawkins

Charley Hawkins, Engineer

Charley’s typical day will consist of many office-based tasks, he will also work on-site when needed, where he liaises with clients on jobs such as Redbridge, a £1.3m scour protection scheme, where he spent six months in Melrose, Scotland. In this scheme, he worked closely with the client and designer to ensure the job was delivered in accordance with the client’s specifications. When Charley isn’t on-site his day will consist of producing technical drawings using software such as CAD, developing programmes and quotes for potential projects, and liaising with suppliers.

Charley has faced some challenges during his time at Kaymac, for example; learning new software packages to keep up with technology advancing very quickly, he explained that there are always new and updated software packages surfacing, which Charley uses day-to-day and by using the latest and most up-to-date software, the works will be carried out and the designs will be to the best standard possible. He has gotten over these difficulties by working with other colleagues and helping each other out with learning these new software packages along with using the internet and watching online tutorials.

Charley has said his favourite part of his job is being a part of all aspects of projects, where he will get involved from the early and initial stages right through to the final result, which is a rewarding feeling and immense job satisfaction.

The best part about working at Kaymac is working along side an incrediby motivated team.

Charley Hawkins

Charley and the Kaymac team at the CECA Awards 2021

During Charley’s first year working at Kaymac he was nominated for an award of the ‘MOST PROMISING TRAINEE CIVIL ENGINEER’ at the prestigious CECA Wales Awards 2021, due to his hard work and dedication to his role at Kaymac, along with his contribution to multiple projects in his short time at the company.

In Charley’s spare time he enjoys keeping fit and spending time outdoors paddle boarding with friends and family at the different beaches around the Swansea coastline.