Barry Docks Drainage Works

Barry Docks Drainage Works

As part of the new drainage layout for the residential development of Barry Waterfront, Kaymac were contracted to install an outfall drainage system to the harbour wall from modular pontoon platform system in five different locations in the harbour.

The work was carried out from a modular pontoon barge which was manoeuvred into position using a safety boat. The work included the installation of five new outfalls, the same methodology was used for each location.

Delivering the project was heavily dependent on the Water levels within the dock to carry out any work, on the five outfalls at any one time, which proved difficult when it came to planning the work.

Initially, our project engineer set out lines and levels for each outfall; the team then carried out excavations behind the dock wall down to the correct level and erected an adequate trench box. Working from a pontoon planform size of 6000 x 3000, secured to the dock wall in each outfall location, we then carried out core drilling suitably sized holes to accommodate new outfall pipes through the dock wall, installed the protective Ductile Iron Steel sleeve through the dock wall, and then Installed new plastic pipe within the sleeve and grouted annulus. The surface of the recess required a concrete repair mortar and the flap valve was finally fitted to the harbour wall.

Within the 9-day opportunity, where the water levels within the dock were favourable to us, all five Outfalls were installed and completed two weeks ahead of the programme.

It was with a great effort from all of the team on site over the nine-day period that the project was successfully delivered. It was particularly challenging as our team undertook all of the work in-house; the core drilling works were particularly challenging as it comprised of drilling a 300ml diameter core through 1 meter of Granit and then, a further 2 meters of Dock wall in three different locations from floating access!

Well done, team!