O’Keefe, Hope Warf

O’Keefe, Hope Warf

Kaymac were contracted to carry out repairs to Hope Wharf wall off the tidal River Thames, and install of ground anchors to stabilise the structure.

Kaymac obtained the necessary FRAP and associated EA consents to undertake the works.

Due to the tidal nature of the location, Kaymac gained access to undertake the works via a combination of mini cranes, man-baskets and our own modular pontoon system.  This allowed works to be carried out efficiently with very little down time usually caused by the natural tidal cycle.

Kaymac carried out the excavation works behind the wall to enable the ground anchors to be installed.  The anchor tendons, buttress plates and fixings were installed before pressure grouting works were undertaken to surround the anchor sections through the wharf wall and the ground anchor beam.

The works were completed within a very tight programme, through active and open collaboration with the client and various other contractors working within close proximity of each other on site.