Edenbridge Emergency Culvert Repair

Edenbridge Emergency Culvert Repair

Kaymac were commissioned to visit site and propose a solution to strengthen the structure and prevent any closures of the track.  We proposed to install a weholite HDPE liner through the structure and then fill the annulus with micro concrete.

Due to an embankment slip/rotational failure, severe damage occurred to an underlying culvert which runs diagonally beneath the tracks in Edenbridge, Kent. 

6m lengths of 2m diameter HDPE pipe were fabricated and delivered to the site within 4 days of the site visit.  The culvert was cleared of any loose debris and silts using small pumps and water jetting equipment.  To ensure that the sections of pipe could be installed safely, a sacrificial steel running guide was installed throughout the structure.

The 6m lengths of pipe were installed one at a time and fusion welded at the culvert entrance.  They were lifted into position and then winched through the structure.  Once the structure had been completely re-lined, temporary formwork in the form of sand bags were used and then the annulus between the pipe and existing culvert was filled with micro-concrete.

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