DLCCP Finger Jetty Construction

DLCCP Finger Jetty Construction

As part of the Devonport Landing Craft Coordination Project (DLCCP), we were contracted to construct a 60m long finger jetty at the entrance to Weston Mill Lake on the River Tamar.

The jetty was constructed on cylindrical steel piles driven into the river bed by Seacore/Fuegro working from a jack up barge. Once piling was completed, Kaymac removed the silt and stone fragments from within the piles down to a competent mudstone using a specially designed airlift.

Pile caps were then welded onto the top of each pile, and a series of RC transverse beams were lowered onto the pile caps by crane; the largest of these beams weighed in at 23 tones.

The lower sections of the piles were then filled with mass concrete, and then the upper sections with reinforced concrete, securing the RC beams in place.

Longitudinal reinforced concrete planks were then laid onto the beams and once all the planks were in position, the deck reinforcement was installed and the concrete was poured to form the finished deck level.

To protect the piles from erosion a series of sacrificial anodes were then welded onto each of the steel piles just above bed level by our dive teams in addition to protection provided by the paint.