Cobb Valley Culvert Flow Control and Remedial Works

Cobb Valley Culvert Flow Control and Remedial Works

Kaymac were appointed Principal Contractor by the Project Client, Network Rail, to manage the tidal flow of water through the culvert structure, so that a structural survey and subsequent remedial works could be carried out safely.

However, this was no easy challenge. With the Irish Sea to the North and an inland tidal lagoon to the South of the structure, flow rates on flood & ebb tides can reach 4 metres per second, making this a potentially hazardous operation if not managed correctly.

Kaymac operatives installed a stop log system between the culvert wing walls at the seaward side of the structure during low water periods to create a dry working area. Following installation of the stop logs and the final sealing, the sluice gate was lifted clear of the now impounded water.

With the tidal flow completely stopped, the structure became fully accessible and was subsequently inspected safely by our commercial divers, with repairs carried out accordingly.

On completion of the repair works the steel sluice gate was lowered, impounding the water within the culvert and allowing safe removal of the stop log system.

This was a tricky job that required meticulous planning, but successful execution achieved.