Carrington Fluvial Erosion Asset Protection

Carrington Fluvial Erosion Asset Protection

Due to the fast flows of the River Mersey and erosion of the riverbank over time, the existing National Grid high voltage overhead tower on the riverbank was subject to severe undermining and there was a high risk of subsequent collapse.

Kaymac co-ordinated the design and installation of a scour protection solution that would protect the existing structure.  The solution involved the placing of rock armour within and along the banks of the River Mersey. With low overhead power lines and the River Mersey susceptible to fast fluvial change- the project was not without its challenges.

To protect the environment prior to rock placement, Kaymac divers were required to install robust environmental protection mitigation measures to prevent pollution to the watercourse as well as using biodegradable oil in plant and machinery used adjacent to the watercourse.   Once protection measures were in place, operatives excavated down to a predetermined formation level and installed a double layer of rock armour, providing uniform protection along the full length of the affected embankment. 

Despite heavy rainfall at the initial stages, the project was delivered with great success and within program and on budget.

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