Kaymac are specialists in providing inspections, detailed engineers' reports and repairs to culverts within the rail network. Our engineers, working with consultants have designed methods of repairing many culverts, often having suffered near catastrophic failures. One of these solutions is to re-line the culvert in order to reinstate it and increase its asset lifespan, remove speed restrictions and reduce temporary line closures. This method of repair has become known as a Kaymac repair and has been used widely at a number of locations throughout England and Wales.

This method was used to its greatest effect at Crooked Brook culvert in Kent where an embankment slip had caused a rotational failure to a culvert which ran diagonally under the track. Kaymac were called in, among others, to suggest an urgent and lasting solution. Kaymac's method was accepted by the client and the HDPE pipe to line the culvert was ordered immediately and delivered to site within four days. During this period, Kaymac thoroughly cleaned the culvert invert, removing all debris, silt and loose materials. Also during this period, Kaymac fabricated guide rails to assist in the liner's installation at our Swansea workshop, these were delivered to site just prior to installation of the HDPE liner. Ultimately, within ten days of Kaymac's arrival on site the repair was completed and the line was re-opened with no restrictions. Please refer to the project details which relate to this scheme which provide further detail and illustration.


Culvert re-lining

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Magor Culvert - Strengthening Works

Magor Culvert - Strengthening Works

Following a principal inspection on the structure, severe structural damage was recorded to an underlying culvert which runs diagonally beneath the tracks at Magor, Newport.

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