Demolition of an unsafe pier structure and remedial repairs to quay wall.

Trefor Pier is a greenheart timber structure originally constructed in circa 1870. It was originally owned by the Crown Estate but was later gifted to the Council. A published source first records the pier becoming unsafe as early as April 1966 whereby it was ‘chained off’ from public use.

The pier was refurbished in 1986 where it was brought into a condition that allowed it to be, once more, used by the general public. The intention was to extend the pier’s life by a further twenty years.

The structure was again inspected in 1993 which led to yet further repairs in 1995. These repairs were short lived as the structure was again inspected in 2002 where it was concluded that £250k - £350k would be required to extend the pier’s life by a further twenty years. This work was never commissioned and when the pier became unsafe it was closed off to the public and remained closed.

Kaymac were commissioned in 2017 to demolish the structure and carry out remedial repairs to the harbour walls. The works comprised of the demolition of the unsafe pier structure, and removal of pier components to ensure that there was no remaining hazards to navigation (underwater or otherwise).

The pedestrian handrail on the pier was reclaimed and re-used to replace the corroded handrails located on the adjacent quay wall. The harbor side of the quay wall had a number of voids that were repaired with masonry, to match the existing quay.

The timbers that comprised the pier are to be salvaged and re-conditioned, and remained the property of Gwynedd Council. A proportion of the timbers were of suitable dimensions and quality, and they were used on site for use as harbour wall fenders/ bulwarks replacements at Trefor harbour. Existing fenders/ bulwarks and their fixings were removed in their entirety and were replaced with the reclaimed pier timbers. A section of concrete plinth that supported the North Quay Handrail was identified to be in poor condition, this was saw cut and broken out, and also replaced with a new plinth, as well as the installation of a new drainage gully to ensure adequate drainage.

The salvaged handrail was installed along the North Edge Quay wall, and also closed off the current Pier access to the public.



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