A confined space project that involved repairs to scour damage within the culvert, re-pointing to the stone headwalls and replacement of the steps on the downstream end.

The culvert itself comprised of a concrete pipe at 15.2 mt in length and 1.2mt in diameter that runs under the road at Meadow street with concrete steps on the downstream end and stone head walls.

The pipes within the culvert were in disrepair as the joints between the pipes had deep scouring with a depth of 250mm to 300mm holes the head walls had missing jointing and the steps on the downstream end had major scouring. 

Kaymac had a 16mt in length and 1.050 diameter HDPE pipe delivered to site in one length we installed the new pipe within the existing culvert and fix shutters to both ends. We pumped P555 grout from the upstream end and filled the gap between the new HDPE pipe and the existing concrete culvert making the culvert structurally sound, Re-pointed both headwalls and fixed shutters to the downstream steps pouring concrete to form new steps.


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