Client: Buro Happold Duration: 1 Week Value: £15,680

To carry out remedial works on the southern retaining wall on the South Quays stretch of the river.

Kaymac Marine & Civil Engineering Ltd was commissioned by Buro Happold Engineering Ltd to carry out various repairs the southern retaining wall on the South Quays stretch of the river. The proposed works were carried out from floating plant i.e. a small inflatable boat and a pontoon platform. The remedial works involved de-vegetation and the use of various repair mortars to fill a number of voids above the waterline. No defects were located below the waterline at the time of the inspection in 2016, and during the repair works.

A workboat was used to mobilise the pontoon into the correct position against the wall in preparation for the works and held in place using mooring ropes fixed to the existing eyes or ropes on the wall. Once in position, using hand tools only, the vegetation was cut away as close to the wall as possible to remove the main branches. The debris will be set aside on the pontoon for disposal and any remaining roots were removed or destroyed as required.

The masonry was then cleaned of marine growth and the joints raked out to remove any loose material and provide a clean surface. The joints were then repointed using Parex repointing mortar, allowed to cure until almost dry and then struck or finished to suit the existing mortar joint. The voids in the wall were also filled with mortar using a trowel or application (depending on the nature of the void) until it was flush with the existing surface. These works were carried out along the wall for a chainage of 134.9m. The job was finished within the dedicated time and all works were successful.

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