To supply and install a replacement destratification system to the original specifications

Wimbleball Lake on Exmoor in Somerset is a water supply reservoir constructed in the 1970s. The 161 feet (49 m) high dam is of concrete buttress construction and impounds the River Haddeo to provide a water storage capacity of some 21,000 megalitres over an area of 374 acres (1.51 km2)

The destratification line was initially installed into the reservoir to prevent the depletion of oxygen which subsequently affects the quality of the water.

A survey was carried out by Kaymac using a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) and the results indicated that the existing Destratification Line had deteriorated over a number of years and not only had become blocked but had detached from its anchor blocks on the reservoir floor; the working length of the line had been reduced to approximately 70m. Following that survey, Wessex Water commissioned Kaymac to supply and install a replacement system to the original specifications.

A system was approved and by began using a team of 6 qualified divers, a bespoke floating platform and an onsite decompression chamber. The pipeline was successfully installed. 

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