Client: Wessex Water Duration: 2 Weeks Value: £15,000

Installation of a Bolina Safety Boom on Durleigh Reservoir to create an exclusion zone for the safety of canoeists and other water activities

The works involved the provision of a four man team to assemble the Bolina Boom ashore and install Bolina Boom on the reservoir as directed by Bolina Booms staff, also a manned safety/work boat, jet float pontoons to position 3 number 300kg anchors, and offloading equipment.

The anchors were loaded on the jetfloat pontoon platform with the Clients Telehandler or forklift and secured with suitable straps. The pontoon was then towed into the desired position within the reservoir. Once in position the anchor was ‘carefully’ lowered into the water using the bespoke frame and winch.

The anchor points on the dam wall were then drilled using a CP9 pneumatic drill in accordance with the Bolina Boom specification.

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