Client: City and County of Swansea Duration: 2 months Value: £300,000

A landslip had occurred in Ynysmond Road, Glais causing the embankment and stone wall to collapse into the River Tawe. Kaymac tendered and were awarded the project as we were the most competitively priced and had a preferred method as our proposal did not include the closure of Ynysmond Road thus not restricting the traffic movement for local residents.

In the first place Kaymac consulted with the client and the Environment Agency and our proposal to work in the river Tawe was accepted as we took measures to mitigate against pollution and enabled the River to be used by local anglers and installed a temporary access cum fish pass using Rock Armour.

The toe of the embankment was reinforced using a sheet pile wall, this created a very sturdy foundation for the embankment. Using a combination of geotextiles and soil nails, Kaymac stabilised the remaining embankment then replaced the rock armour which had initially formed a temporary access in the river, along the toe of the embankment and enclosed the sheet pile wall at its base, providing a more natural aesthetic and allowing us to alter the gradient of the embankment slope.

Finally, Kaymac imported top soil to the embankment, softening the gradient and further mitigating against future collapse, the area was then re-seeded and, using our stonemasons, Kaymac rebuilt the stone wall at the top of the embankment on Ynysmond Road. 

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