Safe Access Over Water 

Specialists in providing ancillary pontoon working platforms, and safe access over water, Kaymac has an outstanding track record of excellence, innovation and safety as a sub-contractor to some of the UK’s leading construction and civil engineering companies. Modular pontoons are extremely versatile tools to solve any number of problems associated with working on or around water. Our expertise and understanding of these problems enable us to satisfy our clients’ needs efficiently. We have evolved our offering over the last 30 years and are confident that we provide the most professional and comprehensive service in the UK today.
In a recent project, Kaymac were required to provide a working platform for preparatory works and repairs to be carried out on the structure, within a watercourse, during all states of the tide. The structure was situated in St Julian’s Viaduct that lies within a navigable river, with a tidal range in excess of 12 metres during Spring Tides. This was a challange, but  Kaymac used their experience in the marine environment to provide a solution that would allow sufficient access for the workforce to carry out their works.  The design was developed so that the original scope of carrying out the works from vessels at certain times through the day, when the tides would be accessible, could be replaced with a floating pontoon system that would be large enough for the material requirements, and could rise and fall with the tides throughout the day.

The designed solution consisted of a temporary steel bracket system that is installed to each steel pile, connected via vertical cylindrical hollow steel sections.  The brackets support these cylindrical sections which run from the bed level to the top of the piles (a greater distance than the tidal range of the highest predicted Spring Tide) and act as guiderails.  Kaymac’s own steel pontoon system was modified to fit these guiderails with additional steelwork and bracings, which allow the unit as a whole to rise and fall through all states of the tide.


Featured Project

St Julian's Viaduct- Provision of Floating Access System

Kaymac Marine & Civil Engineering Ltd were commissioned by Balfour Beatty Rail to provide a working platform for the preparatory works and repairs to be carried out on the structure during all states of the tide. St Julian’s Viaduct lies within the navigable River Usk, which has a tidal range in excess of 12 metres during Spring Tides.

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