Kaymac's diving services include:-

  • Professional Diving Services Team
  • Outfall Pipeline Inspection, Repair & Installation
  • Structural & Conditional Inspections of marine structures above and below the waterline including; bridges, culverts, jetty's, pier, weirs, coastal structures and embankments. 
  • Lifting Operations
  • Concrete & Grout Placement
  • Dredging Operations
  • Cutting, Welding & Burning Operations
  • Scour Protection Systems to structures such as bridge piers, jetty piles, sea defences and river embankments
  • Demolition of marine structures
  • Salvage & Recovery
  • Welding of anodes and cathodic protection systems
  • Installation and Inspection of fish deterrent systems
  • Underwater ROV, CCTV & Video Inspections

Kaymac also offer diving services to the nuclear industry, as wel as gas, coal & combined heat transfer powered stations.


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Since Kaymac was founded, in 1976, it has always been our practice to directly employ all our fully qualified commercial divers.  

It has also been our policy to ensure that all our divers possess, as well as their diving qualifications, a complementary construction skill. Therefore we have qualified stonemasons, carpenters, coded welders and other trades available at our disposal.

Over the years the teams have developed in terms of experience of a variety of often challenging projects, augmented by on-going training which is provided by Kaymac, meaning that we have accrued an excellent reputation among our clients for delivering diving and subsea services safely and competently.