Kaymac modestly accept that we are not the experts in everything, and so we have strategically aligned with partners who are experts in their fields to provide our clients with the best possible solution.

Our partnerships nurture a growth of knowledge and skills and provide a better value solution for our clients. Our partners include, but are not limited to:- Bolina Booms, Denso and Proserve.

Bolina BoomsSafety afloat is more important today than ever. Bolina Booms provide safer waterways by reducing the risk to the public and are the preferred choice for both British Waterways and the Environment Agency who control the navigable waterways within the UK.

Kaymac are an approved installer and have installed Bolina Booms on a number of projects. Images below show our Kaymac operatives installing the Bolina Saftey Boom at Durleight Resevoir.

Bolina Boom Durleigh


DensoDenso is leading technology used on pipes on land and in a marine environment for corrosion prevention.We are approved trained installers of the seashield system, and have experience in working with the tides pile wrapping and installing jackets.

Denso Wrap


ProserveProserve specialise in marine construction systems for precast and insitu concrete projects and manufacture fabric formwork systems for insitu construction. Kaymac have often used Fabric Formwork mattresses, the concrete mattress system, by prelaying and pump filled with micro concrete to produce insitu concrete scour protection to revetments or scour aprons.